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it's been a long time since i last updated the blog. cindy here, btw.

these days, news about stpm results day is spreading like fire on facebook. oh my gosh!!! 21st feb is just few days left!!! ><" i saw few comments on fb that certain people chose not to take half day leave and willing to go after work just to avoid being asked about their results on the spot. lawl. smart wei. well, i don't wanna go on that day itself no matter how nerve wrecking it can be. feel like going the next day. like that lagi less crowd. isn't it? imagine... soooooooo many familiar faces there. many will smile yet there will be many who will cry too. i'd probably too disappointed till emotionless at that time. last 2 nights ago, i dreamt that my accounts 1 got 53 marks nie. O.o?! it's NERVE WRECKING!!! why is the result day super early yet the local uni intake super sloooow this year? last year's result was kinda went opposite way, isn't it? 'deng'....

Anyways, to all the ex-upper 6setia classmates and every other form6 friends, hopefully the results is better than expected. prolly cos so called 'general election' gonna happen as claimed by the Pakatan Rakyat. =X lawl. just kidding. hehe. :P we did all we could during the exam and we can't change the fact that the papers have already been examined and marked. unless anyone of you want to recheck the paper. but i doubt there'll be any changes tho. hmm, that's all then. once again, best wishes for the 21st feb 2011!


The monkeys are at it again! This time we compiled a list of "forbidden" words/sentences that YOU are not allowed to say. EVER.

1) Si beh agak-agak (by Wei Seng)
-He loves saying it whenever we are trying to tease him with Lych..Scandalous..

2) Tiam ar..... -shut up! (by YingYing)
-Shout it out loud whenever people esp. YongLeng try to annoy her...

3) "Deng"..... (by Cindy)
-Haha. Have no idea how it first started. She has been saying it since I first met her. Sorry for not knowing the history....

4) Ish, mengada ar (by Cindy)
-Common to everyone but she insists that we are NOT allowed to add the "ish" and the "ar".

5) Ni zai zuo shen mo-what are you doing? (by YingYing)
-Have been trying not to use it since Lower 6 but arghhh! can't help it but blurting it out when I get bored.

6) Shen me dong dong-I don't know how to translate it (by Mun Ching)
-Never heard of her saying it but it means what is the thing thing? I guess. So bad at translating mandarin. She added the dong twice, just for fun.

7) Oh! (by Ee Ching)
-It's impossible not to add "oh" into our daily lives but Ee Ching's version is different. I can't tell it here but see it for yourself when you talk to her, ok??

8) Wo na li you?, (with the hand gesture) -Where got? (by Ah Er @ Mian Yer)
-ZiXiang first discovered it and we have been teasing her with it but I guess we are not allowed to do it anymore. SIGHS...

Anyway, there's a rule, if the followings above are violated, penalty would be given. What penalty would I say? well... A SLAP! that's my recommendation for using our words!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (생일 축하합니다 Yeaw Guan)!

It's one of our boys birthday! Had a last minute surprise birthday party for him. It wasn't a surprise really. He knew it was coming since nobody talked to him that day...he's a one smart fellow. Just want to make things clear. It wasn't me who planned it. It was MunChing and Eeching. So please, don't thank me!

Sorry, his name was spelled wrongly. Anyways, thanks to Wei Seng who bought it.

Busy lighting the candles. Birthday boy was arriving, got to be fast...

Ok, there goes the birthday boy holding his "roti canai telur".

Make a wish.. What did you wish for anyways??

Upacara memotong kek~




SMK Methodist ACS Klang's Chinese Society Club Valentine's Day is around the corner, Why not send a gift for your love one. Our club is doing a Valentine's Day Dedication. Its an origami rose...

  • the roses have four different colours:
  • Each rose costs RM3.00
  • We have promotion price,3 roses for RM8.00 ONLY!!!!
  • We can deliver the roses to these school:
a. SMK Methodist ACS Klang
b. SMK (P) Methodist Klang (MGS)
c. SMK Convent Klang
d. SMJK Kwang Hua
e. SMJK Chung Hwa
f. SMK Syahbandaraya
g. SMK Dato Hamzah
h. SMK Raja Mahadi
i. SMK Raja Lumu
j. SMK (P) Bukit Kuda
k. SMK Batu Unjur
l. SMK Telok Gadong
m. SMK Sultan Abdul Samad
n. SMK Sri Istana
o. SMK Kampung Jawa
p. SMK Klang Utama
q. SMK (P) Kapar
r. SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah
s. SMK Sri Andalas
t. SMK (P) Raja Zarina
u. SMK Tinggi Klang
v. SMK Tengku Ampuan Jemaah

  • You can make your order by contact this num : 016-3899199 (Chay Hou)
The purpose we do the D.I.Y rose mean ::::永不凋谢

~~Forever love~~just like the rose forever wont wilt=)

Thanks for supporting!!Hope you guys like it~

Happy Birthday Wishes from US

It's our TAI GA JIE (Big Sister) Michelle's birthday today. WOOHOO! You are getting older mature by a year, 19 years old. Which makes you are the most mature among us. Congrats! So sorry for not celebrating with you today (since you ponteng today and we were so tired after cross-country) but we hope your family and your bear bear would celebrate with you.

OMG! I've done a terrible job trying to crop your face on hello kitty's. sorry sorry. Cindy and YongLeng made me do this. Deal with them ok.

Besides Michelle, we have another Tai Gor (Big Brother), Azzat is celebrating his on the 25th. Yeah, you are catching up. Although Azzat has left us but we still remember his birthday ok. Awww...

CUTE!!! (Love the minangkabau inspired hair) Does Spongebob smoke?

Here is YongLeng's birthday present for you..........

Bad attempt at drawing your hair (it's hard to draw minangkabau ok..).

Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (I'm waiting for my birthday too, hehe. Don't forget I am at least the 4th oldest, must respect ok!)

OH OH OH OH! We forget about MISS EECHING'S Birthday. Her's is on the 31st of January. Just one day before february. THE BEST wishes from us. We will soon update more on your birthday on the 31st ok....

The victim continues~

Before I start talking about this next person, I would like to tell him that be strong and don't give up. Bare with it until August, then you will be free. If you guys don't know what I am talking about, a hint for you. Not only Khang Tik but Sleeping King, EeChing, Michelle and I have to tahan also. I guess you know now..

To start it off, we had another hair inspection, a not so shocking one actually. When we got to know she was coming, the guys were hiding including Khang Tik, the girls were with their mirrors, pinning up their hairs and whining about how ugly their faces were but they were so cute with their hairs pinned up. SO GE AI, Chee Hui.

After half an hour hiding and staring at the mirrors, they gave up, taking off their hair pins and the guys gave up hiding. Then at that moment, she came in. Malang tidak berbau, indeed.

KhangTik, the guy that got all the girls drooling all over him but he's got his own rival too. Which is Wu Zhun, his bff. Not forgetting SookLeng the member of the group, F4. Don't misunderstand ok. They used to be involved in a love scandal together but it was an old story already, they are just friends for now.

Forget about his personal life, let's talk about his appearance now.
1) He used to have Final Fantasy inspired hair but ended up
-having dragonball goku's hair
-having sea urchin's hair (after a bad haircut).

Look at the similarities :

For those who do not have any idea what's sea urchin is, here it is.. Same same right????

2) He is the founder of Yellow Box Club. He derived the famous green and red box and changed it to yellow box. Good attempt. His moneymaker, Wu Chun is his club's endorser.

For the sake of the world star, Wu Chun's privacy, we have censored his number. Hope the fan girls will understand.

3) He loves the song Breathless by Shayne Ward. Not handsome also. Nothing compares to Khang Tik....*grins*

4) Nicknamed CANDY MAN because he loves buying sweets and chocolates to lure (tackle) girls.

Before I forget, i think nobody has posted this but it's drawn by ZiXiang. SO CUTE!