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it's been a long time since i last updated the blog. cindy here, btw.

these days, news about stpm results day is spreading like fire on facebook. oh my gosh!!! 21st feb is just few days left!!! ><" i saw few comments on fb that certain people chose not to take half day leave and willing to go after work just to avoid being asked about their results on the spot. lawl. smart wei. well, i don't wanna go on that day itself no matter how nerve wrecking it can be. feel like going the next day. like that lagi less crowd. isn't it? imagine... soooooooo many familiar faces there. many will smile yet there will be many who will cry too. i'd probably too disappointed till emotionless at that time. last 2 nights ago, i dreamt that my accounts 1 got 53 marks nie. O.o?! it's NERVE WRECKING!!! why is the result day super early yet the local uni intake super sloooow this year? last year's result was kinda went opposite way, isn't it? 'deng'....

Anyways, to all the ex-upper 6setia classmates and every other form6 friends, hopefully the results is better than expected. prolly cos so called 'general election' gonna happen as claimed by the Pakatan Rakyat. =X lawl. just kidding. hehe. :P we did all we could during the exam and we can't change the fact that the papers have already been examined and marked. unless anyone of you want to recheck the paper. but i doubt there'll be any changes tho. hmm, that's all then. once again, best wishes for the 21st feb 2011!


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